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My second NFT

Today I dropped my second NFT, called eCryptonite #002.

Technically this is my first, as my eCryptonite #001 is not mined yet (because I chose "lazy minting").

So today I got through the normal steps and generated the traditional way, paying $135 in minting fee, and hope somebody thinks this NFT is as cool as I do.

About the eCryptonite #002

As I am new as an NFT artist and almost have no followers yet, I know the first milestone will be to get the first sale.

Because of this I also realize that I need to let some of my coolest work go in the beginning. Hopefully, the buyer will make some great profit, and I will have my 10% royalty. It would hopefully also be a reward for the first one who believes enough in this project to put money into it.

I believe this NFT has extra potential. It has just 1 copy, and also the physical specimen used as a model is a one-of-a-kind.

In the physical world, you can sometimes see minerals with patterns of faces being sold for some great amounts. This specimen does not only fave a face. The wizard has a face with a beard, he has a hat, he has a magic stick in his hand, he has knees, and he even has black boots. And the best part, it is all natural:

I realize it will take some time to get it sold, as I need to get more followers. I with the early bird who buys it the best of luck :)

Read the full background story on:

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