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eCryptonite #002


eCryptonite #002
The art is made from a specimen made of dendritic agate and yellow opal.

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Legendary (1)


The minerals you see in the picture are a combination of blue agate and yellow opal. The specimen was found in Eskişehir Province, Central Anatolia, Turkey, and the size of the original specimen is 99 x 103 x 57 mm.

The black tree-like pattern is called dendrite.

I bought several dendritic agate/opal in a local mineral shop in Turkey, but I felt really lucky coming over this one, as it has a unique pattern. I fell in love with it immediately as it seems like the nature did its own painting.

For me it reminds of a wizard inside his snow-white Agate cave, surrounded by yellow Opal.
The pattern is made of the nature itself, and the stone is all natural. 

For those interested I just wrote a long blog post explaining more about this great combination, and how it occurs in the nature:


You can also read more about my thoughts on this NFT in my Blog:

Some pictures from the specimen used for this NFT:

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