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Bonus Code, buying physical

You can buy physical minerals/crystals from me at

Use this bonus code to get a 15% discount on all items in 2022:


Why bonus code for everybody?

First I thought of adding a bonus code to every NFT.

However, there are some problems with this:

* Everyone that ever owned the NFT would have the code. In fact, there would be no control that old owners would share the code with others. So it would basically make it impossible to know that the NFT owner is the one who enters the bonus code.

* There are also other issues. The NFT should be available forever. But there is no guarantee of how long I will continue to sell minerals. For example, will I know that my sales page will still be available in the year 2030? No, I don't know that for sure. So I don't want to attach codes to the NFT that works now, but I can not guarantee long into the future.

So instead, I decided I will give a 15% bonus to everyone who uses the bonus code ecryptonite2022. Normally mineral collectors and NFT collectors are not the same audiences, so I am happy to give this bonus if I introduce new people to the mineral/crystal market.

The code will be valid until 31. December 2022. After this, I will make a bonus code for 2023 (considering the discount rate later).

How to use the bonus code?

Find the minerals/crystals you wish to buy and add them to your chart:


Go to the chart, and simply write ecrytonite2022 in the field of "enter a promo code", and you will see that you are granted the bonus before buying.




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