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A little update

Time is flying like a jet plane, and I see it is a loooooong time since I post anything on my blog. I have also been relatively silent on my Twitter account.

The reason is the slowdown in the NFT market. I find no reason to add more NFTs at the moment. However, that does not mean that the project is dead. Not at all :)

My collection of physical specimens is still here, and I have bought some new high-class specimens.

About the eCryptonite NFT project, I plan to change focus a bit. My main change is that I plan to make 1-to-1 versions for my next drops, which would be NFT versions of specimens that would cost thousands of dollars in the physical world. In other words some crazy cool high-quality stuff! :)

The other change is that I think I will change from Polygon to Ethereum, at least for the main NFTs. And maybe I will keep the giveaways (eCryptonite energy versions) on the Polygon chain.

Cheers - wish you all a nice spring time :)


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