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Integration of the Universe and the Metaverse


Digital art of minerals/crystals mined to NFTs.
Or as I like to say, the physical minerals have been crypto-niced.
I'm still only early in the process, and later the crypto-niced items will be liested at

The unique thing with the eCryptonite project is that every NFT I make is based on a physical specimen and that there is a fully integrated connection between the digital and the physical version.

There is no ownership link between the digital and the physical version. However, there is a digital version and a physical version who "live their separate lives".

The base for the physical minerals is my showroom (only for private visitors) and

while the base for the digital art version (NFT) is

The integration as seen from the digital perspective:

Every NFT has a link to its item page at with more information about the physical specimen that was used to make the NFT. I also show pictures/videos of the physical specimen that was used as a model for the NFT.

You have a digital art gallery at:

If you click the pictures in the gallery, you will see a link to my webpage where you can see the physical specimen used to create the digital art version.

I could of course just have normal pictures, but I like to give it a twist and have an art version of the pictures.

The integration as seen from the physical perspective:

I have heard about artists who make NFTs that burn or archive their physical art and focus on their digital art. I obviously don't want to destroy my beautiful physical mineral collection, so I came up with another great solution:

I have made new labels, with QR codes. This is an awesome solution in 2 ways.

First of all, it makes the collection interactive for visitors, so they can get more information about the crystals and see pictures of where they were found. In my case visitors are Norwegians, so I have these pages written in Norwegian.

Second, there is a link to the NFT, so it is possible to buy the NFT at the same time you are actually watching the physical version. So the QR code is the link, making a full integration.


I am the first to present this full integration between NFTs and physical crystals/minerals. Actually, I believe I am the first to use this integration for any kind of collection.

I want to share it with you, but also hope you give me credit for coming up with this idea. In my opinion, this can be the future for many collections - making digital versions of their physical collections and selling them as NFTs.

Below I filmed with my phone how it would look for visitors. In the end, you will see how it is connected to the NFT:

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