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eCryptonite Energy Collection

The eCryptonite Energy Collection is an alternative version of the original eCryptonite Collection. The Energy Collection is focusing on the crystal's energy and the Universe.


The NFTs in the eCryptonite Energy Collection will be given as free airdrops to the first buyers from the eCryptonite items. Read more at

Why Separate NFTs for the energy version?

I believe digital galleries will be more common in the future. By introducing a separate, you can choose which version you want to display in your digital gallery.

I also hope you will reckon it as a great added value, as the energy version is given for free to the first buyers. That would also make it more attractive to go into the project at an early stage. 

How to get the energy version

The energy version is listed at OpenSea at the Polygon Blockchain, which makes it free to transfer, which also makes it possible for me to give it away for free.


In my eyes, the energy version is cooler than the original version, but I choose to keep the original picture as the Original, and the mp4-video as the Energy version.


For now, I will give the energy version away for free to the original buyer of each original eCryptonite to at least the 50% first buyers (not resale). After 50% is sold I will decide what to do with the rest. I hope to give value to the original buyers. I hope this will add value, and another alternative could be to burn NFTs at a later stage.

For example, if you buy the NFT called eCryptonite #007, I will manually transfer eCryptonite Energy #007 to the same wallet.

The Energy Version will be transferred to the same wallet as the wallet that bought the eCryptonite version. I will not accept transferring airdrops to other wallets.


There have been some glitches in the Polygon Blockchain lately, which has made trade a little difficult. This could potentially cause a delay in transferring the free airdrop. I have also seen examples of people trading double because of this, so because of that, I do only give away to the first 50% at this stage.

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