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Fantasy Collection (AI art)

In the last few days, I have been drawn into AI Art.

This is an art form that is generated by AI (Artificial Intelligence), based on the words and filters I use. I am very amused by this, and what possibility it creates, so I have been dedicated to learning more.

In general, the AI always comes up with a little surprising result, so I need to adapt and rerun the process, and we walk down the path together to a cool end result.

I am selling these ones as NFTs where there is only 1 available NFT per picture (1/1). However, I might use some background pictures to create something within the same theme. For example picture 1 and 4 below have used the same background picture.

You can find the collection here:

At the moment I have no idea how many I will create. I am doing it because I think it is fun, and hope you like them too.

And you can find a little more info on my website here:

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