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Milestones and Roadmap

History and future

Polygon made it possible to introduce NFTs, and I was happy to introduce the first NFT on the 1st of November 2021. And I am also extremely happy with the new full integration between the physical collection and digital collection that was introduced at the end of January 2022.

However the crypto market had big problems, also leeding to a big drop in NFT sales. For this reason I needed to revise my plans and road map. I will continue making NFTs but I am not introducing any new ones at the moment. I am also thinking of how I want to sell in the future.

I strongly concider to make 1-to-1 NFTs (only 1 copy of each NFT) and combine this with my most valuable physical specimens. 

The other thing I concider is if I should make the next NFTs on the Etherum blockchain, as gas prices fell sharply when Eth 2.0 was introduced.


So I am still here, and I will also make NFTs in the future. But for the most of 2022 I focused on my physical collection and making preparations for new digital versions. 


milestones march 2022.jpg

Other happenings

For every step I take I see new opportunities. The journey can be as important as the goal itself. So even if the roadmap is short, there will be other cool stuff happening as well.

One example is the full integration between the physical and the digital collection with the use of QR-codes. It is of course not new to use QR-codes, but using them to connect a physical collection to a digital NFT collection is probably something I am the first in the world to do for any kind of collection, for sure first to do this with a mineral collection.

I also have some other ideas, but cannot share them at the moment.

Later updates

I have about 500 great mineral samples in my collection, some of them displayed at Potentially I can make some very cool art of many of these ones. 

I also have about 2 tonnes of extra material, which is outside my main collection. But some of these ones also have the potential to be cool art.

So all in all, I strongly hope that I can make 500 NFTs in the coming years. Of course, it all depends on people's interests.

When starting selling physical minerals at I realized that it takes much effort to build customer bases and that sales do not come for free. I will focus on increasing the customer base for to grow the potential for sales and resales.

I also have some bigger ideas for the future, but for now, I will focus on building a customer base and get out some more NFTs on the market.

I already have some very cool art ready, but I will wait to release it till I know more about where and how it is best to drop it.

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