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Downscaling number of NFTs in 2022

Due to lower sales than I had hoped, I will downscale the number of NFTs I will make in 2022. So I am downscaling the number of NFTs in 2022 from 100 to 50 (my normal eCryptonite collection). On the other hand, I might create more in the new Fantasy collection (AI art).

I believe the whole NFT market is suffering from falling prices on crypto, falling markets, and rising interest rates. It is no surprise to me, but it also feels like much of the air is going out of the balloon. However, I once again remind you that my NTFs are based on physical high-value specimens in my collection. I continue developing my mineral collection, and I am not going away. I am here, and I will produce more NFTs. I will just do it at a slower pace, and meanwhile, I will also purchase some new fantastic crystals that I will make NFTs of in the future.

Yesterday I got this insane beautiful crystal in the mail. It is a 6,5 kg crystal-clear Quartz covered with small silver-colored Anatase crystals, and there are also a few Rutile needles inside one of the crystals. It looks even better in real life. Wish you all the best,


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