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The future of collections - link to Metaverse

The eCryptonite collection is about making digital collectible crystals/minerals (NFTs) from real physical crystals/minerals in my collection.

A way to bring in some fantastic crystals from the Universe to the Metaverse. There is no ownership connection between the physical and the digital version. However, the digital version is based on the physical version.

I like to spin on this idea, expand it, play with it, and think of how the idea can be implemented even better.

I think I came up with a pretty awesome idea that I have not heard of any others using. An idea that I believe will be implemented by many other collectors, maybe the future of collecting. In the future, I believe many people will make a digital version of their collections, and thus have one physical and one digital version.

In September I bought the domain (the spelling error is done by purpose). The idea is to make a link between the physical item and the digital item. And at the end of October Facebook changed its name to Meta. Suddenly everybody started talking about Meta and the Metaverse. My idea was maybe not so far off, after all!

Anyway, my latest idea is to print new labels for the items in my collection and add a QR-code to each label. This way the visitors can scan any specimen with their phone, and get much more information about the sample - pictures from the location, information about the mineral, and other relevant information. But the brilliant thing, this would also link to the NFT, giving the visitor the chance to buy the digital version of the specimen they see in front of them.

This way the QR code combines both the digital and the physical version.

I believe this way of using technology can revolutionize the way we collect, making a connection between the digital and the physical version. I believe people like both, and that they fulfill each other.

I just tested it, and it works perfectly. So from tomorrow, I start printing new labels :) It's been a happy day! Cheers,


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