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The eCryptonite project

I have been playing with an idea for a long time.

I have a fantastic mineral collection that I inherited from my father who passed away 5 years ago. He was the old school, with no activity on internet or even with pictures. I am more the new school, and I want to share on the internet. I have created the page where you can see both some pictures from the collection, some extra material for sale, and some information about the mineral's origin.

The last years I have been making many photos, both for documenting the collection, and for selling extra materials. Lately I have been playing a little with making art versions of the pictures. I like them so much that I believe others also will like them. This in combination of the rising interest for digital art on internet made me want to explore if there is interest also for digital mineral art. After some thinking, the idea crystallized, and I thought it would be fun to try going into the NFT market. And what would be a proper name for such an idea?

Of course: eCryptonite

The name plays on both the Crypto market and Kryptonite (the green stone that makes Superman lose his power)

So what I decided was to make an art collection based on pictures from my private collection, and turn that art into crypto (NFTs). And I cannot think of any more proper place to say a NFT has been mined, than a NFT made of minerals :)

Green kryptonite, Superman's worst enemy? No, actually this is a gigantic 2,6 kg spodumene from Afghanistan. Maybe I will turn it to an eCryptonite later. Time will tell :)

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