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Pretty Kittens NFTs

To learn more I also follow other NFT projects. One of these projects is Pretty Kittens.

They are not the first with NFT Kittens, but I think they bring some new and interesting aspects to the market. Kind of like me, I am not the first with minerals of NFTs (that was Ether Rocks), but I definitely bring some groundbreaking ideas.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to buy 2 Pretty Kitten NFTs, but what happened after is what I like the most.

About 30 minutes after I bought them I went to the grocery store to buy some food for my real-life cat.

On my way, I met a good colleague from my old job - the ice cream factory. I had not seen him for about 3 years, and we had a nice talk. When I bought that first kitten, I had my old job (ice cream factory) in my mind.

Then 5 minutes later, there is another surprise. Then I walked into an old friend that I did not see for about a year, it was good to see her again and we had a nice little talk and decided we will grab a beer the upcoming week.

So I will name my kittens Ingvald and Kathy. Haha!

Sometimes I wonder if the Universe is playing games like these. Coincidence or magic, I love when such things happen.

Peace and love,


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