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Polygon Blockchain making life easier

Gas fees were a big headache, and I have twisted my head about strategy for the next drops.

There is good news about Etherum 2.0, but even if it will require significantly less electricity rumors say that the gas fees will not drop nearly as much as the reduced electricity.

But following other NFT creators I have seen some people selling NFTs down to 0.001 ETH saying they sell without gas fees.

The method used is selling at OpenSea with Polygon blockchain. It first sounded too

good to be true, but after watching a couple of videos and asking people who actually made a sale they confirm that there are no gas fees.

That totally changes the game, making it much easier, not only for me but also for the ones reselling. It also means that it would be easier to trade lower-priced items.

Another great thing is that it made it possible for me to make a collection, which I just did for free:

Making a collection at Rarible with the Etherum Blockchain would cost me about $700-800, compared to $0 at OpenSea with the Polygon Blockchain. People would still pay with ETH, it is just another blockchain.

That is perfect for me, so from now on, I will also be able to add every new NFT to the eCryptonite collection :) That is just awesome news, which makes me very optimistic about the future. I know it will take time to build a customer base, but with the free gas, I can list more items that will be essential for making people see the art.

Very happy greeting,


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