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Inspiration – the way into NFTs

I just wish to share my little story of how I was inspired to enter the NFT market.

The crypto opportunities

In fact, I had some ideas around since 2017, long before I heard of NFTs. My first thoughts came after watching episode 8 of Hidden Secrets of Money with Mike Maloney:

I am not a fan of making money on currencies. In my dream world currencies is just something we use for efficient trading. Anyway, for cryptos, I am a big fan of the opportunities they create.

The founder of the currency “Hedera Hashgraph” talks about splitting up an object and selling it to many users and having full tracking of everyone’s share. And that this could mean that many small buyers together could buy an item that they would have no chance of owning with today’s currency.

So, this made me think of my mineral collection. Would it be possible to sell my most expensive specimens at the crypto market? At least not today, but in a not-too-distant future? Yes, I thought so, but did not think too much about it.

From physical to digital

The years went by, and in 2021 I heard pretty much about NFTs. And of course, I just heard the stories in the media about the crazy stuff going for wild amounts, and I believe the Pudgy Penguins what was first caught my attention. My first impression was that NFTs was just something stupid, and I was not much impressed with the art, like crypto punks, it just seemed too crazy. But I wanted to learn more, maybe there was something I could pick up.

Inspiring Rude Boys

I am following a great Norwegian podcast named Wolfgang Wee. Luckily, I decided I also wanted to listen to an episode where he had invited a Norwegian NFT artist, named Trym Ruud. For Norwegian readers here is the link:

First, I thought this was just a guy who was lucky and came early to the NFT table. At this moment I did not realize that Trym and his Rude Boys should be a huge inspiration. After watching the episode, I decided wanted to see his NFTs. I must admit my expectations were pretty low. But clicking into his page totally blew my mind. This is beautiful art, and a man who shows his creative mind in every figure:

It also showed me that NFTs can be very different, just like art in the physical world. There is good art and there is bad art (I will write a separate post about this subject).

And the more I see from Trym Ruud, the more I am convinced that this is a true artist with much creativity and a great future. I am not an owner of his NFTs yet, but I plan to be soon.

So, after watching his podcast, I was inspired to learn more about NFTs and was even more sure that my eCryptonite project could be realized.

Going forward

I decided I need to just focus on digital assets that are not connected to the physical item. I like the idea that they are connected, but it is just too many issues, especially in the secondhand market. So, I decided I will continue with two platforms: for the digital assets for the physical assets



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