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Gas prices and next drop

After being a little too quick with my first NFT drop, I decided I wanted to learn a bit more before releasing my second drop. The issues I wanted to learn more about, and consider are:

1) Gas prices for minting and transferring NFTs. This will influence what I list next (number of copies, prices, etc). After all, I wish that my buyers can make money, even with high gas prices.

I see the gas prices are higher now than they used to be, but also found this nice page that helps understanding when the gas prices are high/low:

2) "Lazy" minting vs traditional minting

By a mistake a chose "lazy" minting for my first NFT, meaning that the buyer pays for the minting. I see there are some advantages of choosing this method, especially if people are not sure if their art will sell. It is also a way to list more work before selling. I might consider using this method again later, but for my next drop, I will pay for myself.

3) Collection

Earlier today I prepared text/picture for making a collection on Rarible. I think it looks much better to have the items in a collection, especially for my planned eCryptonite NFTs. However, I realized it would cost me $750 just to create the collection. That is obviously too much for me before I have generated any money. I strongly hope I can make a collection later, but at the moment I will drop my NFTs outside the collection.

The next drop

So after doing some research I believe I am very close to my next drop. The plan is to make a legendary (1 single) NFT unless there are some big surprises when it comes to minting and gas fees.

The art is already made, and it looks amazing! I cannot wait to get it out. I am also aware that I am totally new to the NFT market and also new on Twitter, and not even verified on Rarible yet. So it might take some time before it gets sold, but it will be great to get it out on the marketplace :)



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