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First sale, roadmap, updates and new NFTs

It has been an active week, and I am very happy that I have broken the ice by selling the first NFT. I know it is hard to buy before others are buying, so I am very thankful for the ones who believe in me.

I released 4 new NFTs this week, 2 since my last blog post. I am happy to do this as it broadens the collection and attracts more attention. I bought 4 NFTs this week, bringing me valuable experience also as a buyer. I want to put my money where my mouth is, so I think it is fair I buy some stuff also. Actually, I hope to buy a lot more.

And today I updated my homepage, which I am much happier with now. My first roadmap was created, milestones updated, and the "About" section was upgraded with an explanation of why people should consider buying eCryptonite.


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