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Bought my 3rd Crystal Punk + Space Drops

The Crystal Punk project is getting better and better.

There are other projects with awesome 3D animation like @primeapeplanet and @primekongplanet - but in my opinion, Crystal Punks are way better because they also give an upcoming story, space drops, and possibilities to getting in direct contact with the creator, even influence what kind of punks you want to see.

For me, the whole project makes me happy, so I decided to adopt another Punk. What I realized when I went through them again was that one of them have a Moonstone necklace. And because crystallized Albite Moonstone also is a specialty of Seiland (the island my father lived on) I was very happy to adopt that punk.

Space Drops

I pleasant surprise is that the punks collect crystals. I am not sure how much they will find in the future, but the 3D Quartz we got this week was amazing. I would say they are the best 3D crystals in the whole Metaverse at this moment.

And according to the story, it was Widget (my little fellow) who first found them, and showed them to the other guys.

I really hope more people are jumping abroad on this amazing project.

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