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I did not release any new NFTs the last week, but I have been working a bit in the background.


First of all my followers on Instagram and Twitter is on its way up, 519 on Instagram (up 60% last 2 weeks) and 761 on Twitter (up 2014% last 2 weeks).

Dynamic web pages

I am also working on the QR labels on my physical collection. Because my web program only manages 100 static pages, I realized that I needed to reprogram my pages from static to dynamic pages.

One effect of this is that the NFT pages have changed address. For items I have already sold, I will keep the old page in addition to the new ones.

Mineral information

For every NFT I make, I add information about the specimen and where it was found. It takes some time, but I also learn a lot especially from the locations around the world. It is great fun learning, and I hope my joy is reflected in the pages. Unfortunately, I cannot add pictures from other pages due to copyright.

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