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eCryptonite #037


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eCryptonite #037

The art is made of a 110 mm Canvasite on Stilbite from Pune (Poonah), India

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NFT rarity

Uncommon (32)

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4088x2725 (5,1 MB)

Energy version (giveaway NFT to the 50% first buyers, not resale)


​The model used is 110 mm Canvasite on Stilbite from Pune (Poonah), India.

It is nice lustrous intense blue sprays of Cavansite on small transparent Stilbite crystals, found in Wagholi Quarry, Pune (Poonah), Maharashtra, India.

The specimen measures 78x110x91 mm (687 gram)

Canvasite was first time discovered in 1967 (in Oregon, USA), and today Pune is the most know location for this mineral. It is a pretty rare mineral, and is popular among collectors because of its intense blue color.

Wagholi Quarry, Pune (Poonah), Maharashtra, India.
Pune district is the most populous district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is one of the most industrialized districts in India. In recent decades it has also become a hub for information technology.

You can read more about this location on Mindat:

Video/pictures of the specimen used for the NFT:

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