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eCryptonite #024


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eCryptonite #024

The art is made of a 165 mm specimen with very rare crystallized Albite Moonstone from Seiland, Finnmark, Norway

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The model used is a Albite Moonstone from Seiland, Finnmark, Norway.
The size is 76x165x125 mm (1580 gr.)

This is by far the best Albite Moonstone I have in my collection, with a very intense green/blue "eletric" light, like aurora borealis. It was found about 30 years ago.

Albite is a feldspar mineral. It is the sodium end piece in the plagioclase series. The color is usually pure white, hence the name from Latin, albus. Albite is a fairly common mineral and was first reported found in 1815 in Finnbo, Dalarne, Sweden.

Moonstone itself is also relatively common (ie color tint). But to see this in crystallized form is extremely unusual. A quick search on Mindat (which is the best source) and I can only find 2 places in the world that have crystallized Albitt with Moonstone effect:

Seiland, Finnmark, Norway
My father lived on Seiland for 35 years. The island has a beautiful wildlife, and in the mineral world it is best known for its beautiful zircons. If you want to see more beautiful pictures of the island, read more or buy physical specimens, please visit my mineral page:

You can watch the minerals found on Seiland here:

Video/pictures of the specimen used for the NFT:

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