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eCryptonite #022


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eCryptonite #022

The art is made of a a 90 mm Opal from Quilpie, Quilpie Shire, Queensland, Australia

Full-size picture

NFT rarity

16 (Rare)

Picture size (pixels)

4088x2725 (4,4 MB)

Energy version (giveaway NFT to the 50% first buyers, not resale)


The model used is a a 90 mm Boulder Opal from Quilpie, Quilpie Shire, Queensland, Australia.

This specimen features beautiful patches of electric blue, green and yellow Opal in light brown iron-rich Sandstone host rock. The vibrant color of the Opal against the dark background makes for a lovely specimen.

Boulder Opal:
When it comes to Australian opal, Boulder opal is a type of opal that is only found in Queensland.

The key defining feature of Queensland Boulder Opal is the host rock the opal is found in.
To explain the opal formation event, the most popular theory argues that one hundred million years ago a large shallow inland sea covered one-third of the Australian continent.

The theory holds that the topography around the inland sea was rich in silica.
Over time particles of this silica washed into the sea and bonded with water to form a gel-like substance called hydrated silica or OPAL.

Consequently, the gel flowed into the cracks and crevices of faults and large weathered boulders lying on the ocean floor to create what we now know as Boulder Opal.

You can read more about the location and its minerals at Mindat:

Video/pictures of the specimen used for the NFT:

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