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eCryptonite #019


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eCryptonite #019

The art is made from a 35 kg Diopside and Grossular on Calcite from Bumannsfjorden, Seiland, Finnmark, Norway

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The model used is a 35 kg Diopside and Grossular on Calcite from Seiland, Finnmark, Norway. My father found this one in mountains of Bumansfjorden in the 1980’s and it was the largest stone he ever carried down from the mountain.

The Diopside crystals are deep green translucent, and the Grossular crystals are cola-brown translucent.

The size is 30,5 x 47 x 14 cm (35 kg.)

A fun fact is that not only is this the biggest stone my father ever carried down. Sadly he suffered from Parkinson his last years, but prior to that he was a strong man. After filling his backback with minerals he found this one, and he would not leave it. But he was also out of space, so what he did was to tie it in the ropes attached under his backback!

My father lived on Seiland for 35 years, and collected some very nice specimens.
There are no people living in Bumannsfjorden, so to get there you will need to go by private boat and you need to be sure the weather conditions are good, as things can change within some minutes. Then you will need to walk by foot from sea level up the mountains for maybe 3 hours.

Most of the year the field where the minerals are found is covered with ice and snow, so it was limited how often my father could go here.

From 2006 (and today) this area is a part of Seiland National Park, and collecting from this area is now strictly forbidden. So no more material will come out from this field.

If you are looking for physical specimens from this location, I have some for sale at

If you want to see more beautiful pictures of the island, please visit my mineral page:

Video/pictures of the specimen used for the NFT:

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