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eCryptonite #014


Buy the NFT at OpenSea (Polygon with no gas fees):

eCryptonite #014

The art is made from a 122 mm Apophyllite and Stilbite from Jalgaon, India.

Full-size picture

NFT rarity

Common (64)

Picture size (pixels)

4088x2725 (3,4 Mb)

Energy version (giveaway NFT to the 50% first buyers, not resale)


The model used is a very nice specimen of Apophyllite and Stilbite from Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India.

The size is 95x122x90 mm (697 gr.)

Beautifully clear to translucent, well terminated Apophyllite crystals on a lustrous pale pink bed of Stilbite crystals. By itself, Apophyllite/Stilbite are not highly valuable. However, it is a great display piece, damage-free with perfect terminations and sharp tops.

If you look for physical specimens online, you will see that prices have a big range. Originally there were huge amounts of crystals like this overflooding the market back in the 1980s, causing the prices to fall. For me, it seems like the prices are on their way up, and I have seen high-quality specimens being sold for good money. In my eyes, these kinds of crystals are very good to buy if you are looking for something nice at a reasonable price.

Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India
Jalgaon is well known for its great crystals, and here you can see a lot of other crystals found at this location:

If you wish to see more Indian minerals and how they are found, I can recommend this site:

If you wish to buy Indian minerals, I have many for sale at my page

Video/pictures of the specimen used for the NFT:

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