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Golden tornado.jpg
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4088x3066 pixels (4:3 format) 2,6 Mb


Polygon (OpenSea) with no gas fees. 


We are different, yet we are the same. Be kind to the strange one, the weak ones, and the different ones. Once you get to know them, you will see that they are the most interesting ones.

Please go to OpenSea to see the image in the right proportions.


This AI (artificial intelligence) Art was generated by the computer based on words, re-evolving the AI pictures into this cool end product.

I started out in one program with three words that generated an AI image. I uploaded this AI image to Night Cafe (Artificial Intelligence Art generator), and used it as a scratch together with a number of manual Text Prompts (I will keep these ones for myself) and random seed numbers.

I have one thought in my head, but the computer is generating the way he "think" and I can never predict quite his details, so it is a process where we work together on the path to a cool end result. Of course there was also a lot of deleted versions before we got to this one.

Beneath you can see how the AI works on evolving from the first picture to the end result.


I started out with a crystal, but after evolving some times, I decided to make some strange-cute looking alienfrog.

He was a bit strange-looking, and my thoughts went to 2 occasions on the beach this week. One day one man was trying to hit and throwing rocks at 2 homeless dogs, another day a young girl was petting them and giving them love. Be like the girl, be a friend!

How people treat animals, also reflects how they treat people.
Don't hate just because someone is different, often this person has a lot of interesting stories. We are different, but still we are the same. I love the beautiful freaks!

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