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Golden tornado.jpg
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4088x3099 pixels (4:3 format). 6.8 Mb


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Water - the source of youth

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This AI (artificial intelligence) Art was generated by the computer based on words, re-evolving the AI pictures into this cool end product.

I started out in one program with three words that generated an AI image. I uploaded this AI image to Night Cafe (Artificial Intelligence Art generator), and used it as a scratch together with a number of manual Text Prompts (I will keep these ones for myself) and random seed numbers.

I have one thought in my head, but the computer is generating the way he "think" and I can never predict quite his details, so it is a process where we work together on the path to a cool end result. Of course there was also a lot of deleted versions before we got to this one.

Beneath you can see how the AI works on evolving from the first picture to the end result.


I wanted to play with icy landscape and aurora lights, and had many tries, editing and reevolving before ending up with this one.

Lately I have been living very healthy trying to get in better shape, so this is also a part of my inspiration for this picture. Augua is the Etymology for water, which in Latin is Aqua.

This is also the source of life, and the source of youth. A magic element that we all need to survive.

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