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eCryptonite #016


eCryptonite #016
The art is made from a 81 mm natural Pyrite cubes from Navajún, La Rioja, Spain

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eCryptonite #016 - eCryptonite | OpenSea

NFT rarity:

Common (64)


Polygon (OpenSea) with no gas fees. 


4088x2725 (2,0 Mb)


The model used natural cubic pyrite crystals from Navajún, La Rioja, Spain.

The size is 81x55x55 mm (477 gr.)

The cubic crystal structure is 100% natural (not manmade), and this one is a big and great example of how cool things can be made from mother Earth.

Spain is known for its great Pyrite crystals, and this is an excellent specimen.

Pyrite is sometimes called "fools gold" because of its similar color to gold. In the old mining days, Pyrite was sometimes mistaken for Gold, as they frequently occur together, although Gold and Pyrite can very easily be distinguished by simple observation and testing of characteristics. Gold is much heavier and softer.

Pyrite is very common and much cheaper than gold. However, it can look amazing, like this specimen.

Fun fact:

The name Pyrite comes from the Greek word pyr, “fire,” because pyrite emits sparks when struck by metal. 

Navajún, La Rioja, Spain

In this article, you will be able to see how it looks when you find the Pyrite crystals in the mountain. Due to copyrights, I cannot post pictures, but please visit their great site to see how they are extracted and pictures from the area:

At mindat you can see other minerals found in Navajun, and see more information about the place:

Video of the specimen used for the NFT

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