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eCryptonite #010


eCryptonite #010
The art is made from a 17 cm specimen of blue-cap Tourmaline on Lepidolite and Quartz (also some small Clevelandite crystals) from Paprok, Nuristan, Afghanistan.

I have put strong light from behind to show the special sandwich effect on the Lepidolite.

Full-size picture

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eCryptonite #010 - eCryptonite | OpenSea

NFT rarity:

Epic (4)


Polygon (OpenSea) with no gas fees. 


4088x2725 (6,3 Mb)


The model used is a fantastic and highly valuable 17 cm specimen of blue-cap Tourmaline on Lepidolite and Quartz. There are also some small Albite crystals (var. Clevelandite). It was found in Paprok, Nuristan, Afghanistan.

The size of the specimen is 170x100x85 mm (1678 grams). 

I bought this one back in 2014.

The tourmaline is black, but as seen on video number 3 it is blue-cap. It is a giant crystal measuring 65 mm wide, with clean faces.

By a coincidence, I discovered that the Lepidolite has some amazing green butterfly-effect when you put light to it. So I decided I wanted to make this piece of art with a strong backlight.

By itself, Lepidolite is pink mica, so I am not sure what mineral makes the green color (I believe green mica).

The specimen also has clear big quartz crystals (white/transparent), and finally, you will also see some small white Altibe crystals when you look at the physical specimen.

I have only seen one specimen like this with that kind of Lepidolite, and as you can see it is quite valuable:


Paprok, Kamdesh District, Nuristan, Afghanistan is known to have some of the best Tourmalines in the world. You can see a lot of other beautiful specimens from this location on Mindat:

Fun fact:
Did you know that Lepidoptera is an order of insects that includes butterflies and moths? 

If you check out Wikipedia you will see the similarities of Lepidolite and butterflies:

Video of the specimen used for the NFT

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