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eCryptonite #008


eCryptonite #008
The art is made from a 65 mm specimen of blue Aquamarine and black Tourmaline from Erongo, Namibia

Full-size picture

Buy the NFT at OpenSea:

eCryptonite #008 - eCryptonite | OpenSea

NFT rarity:

Rare (16)


Polygon (OpenSea) with no gas fees. 


4088x2725 (3,8 Mb)


The model used is a beautiful specimen of Aqua-blue Aquamarine and Black Tourmaline from Erongo Mountains, Erongo Region, Namibia

The specimen has great quality with translucent, damage-free crystals.

The size 58x65x25 mm (91 grams). 

Namibia has some of the best Aquamarines in the world, and here you can see the location and a couple of other pictures from Erongo Mountains:

Also, I can highly recommend that you take a look at this Flicker Album from Namibia. The second part with stone formations is from Erogon Mountains. The pictures are just incredible!

Video/pictures of the specimen used for the NFT:

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