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I bought my first NFT (Crystal Punk)

Today I bought my first NFT, and it feels great.

On one side I am learning about the buying process. But most of all I am very happy to get this specific Crystal Punk as it was inspired by the Calcite from Malmberget, Sweden.

The crystal punks are a part of The Crystal Nebula, which is an epic space opera created by Elijah Strongheart Evenson from Seattle, USA.

What I like extra is that he makes physical sculptures, and turn these ones into 3D models. So there is a lot of work behind those punks. I also know he has done a lot of thinking, and that this is just the start.

You can see more about his story on Instagram:

If you want to buy your crystal punk you can do so at OpenSea, where he is introducing 33 crystal punks today:

I know it can be hard to sell the first NFTs, so I have no idea how the sale will go today. People tend to act like sheep, people might be afraid to buy the first ones. But when others are buying, more will come. I am glad to be an early bird, because he is doing an awesome job both in the digital world and with the physical sculptures. Best of luck!



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