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eCryptonite #006


eCryptonite #006
The art is made from a 12 cm Selenite (Gypsum) from Lubin, Poland.


Full-size picture

Buy the NFT at OpenSea:

eCryptonite #006 - eCryptonite | OpenSea

NFT rarity:

Rare (16)


Polygon (OpenSea) with no gas fees. 


4088x2725 (4,1 Mb)


The model used is a fantastic Selenite (Gypsum) from Rudna Mine, Lubin District, Lower Silesia, Poland.

The size is 105 grams and it measures 70x120x83 mm. The needles are transparent with a Y-shaped core.

You can see more from Rudna mine at Mindat:

At this site you can read more about the Rudna copper mine in Poland, where they write:
"The Rudna mine is one of the largest deep copper ore mines in the world. Mine construction began in September 1969, and in July 1974 the mine reached 25% of the planned capacity and was officially commissioned for exploitation."

The page has a lot of nice pictures making you understand how large this mine is, but I cannot add them to my site due to copyright.

Video/pictures of the specimen used for the NFT:

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